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     WHAT IS MEDIATION?  Mediation is a process where parties in a dispute come together to determine if an amicable resolution of their differences can be obtained. Although mediation is not free, its costs are far less than continued litigation or potential litigation. In addition to the obvious cost savings, mediation can end the dispute and the parties can proceed with their business and lives, focusing energy on other endeavors.  Lastly, mediation is not a court or other tribunal forced decision upon the parties.  Parties to a successful mediation remain empowered to control their lives and businesses and not subject to the decision of a third party. 


     WHO IS JAMES MATHIEU?   James Mathieu, Esq. graduated from law school over 40 years ago and has been engaged in the practice of law full time ever since.  James has a varied background in many areas of the practice of law having owned a general practice law firm for over 20 years.  Additionally he has served as a municipal attorney and a brief stint as a City Manager.  He has a valid license to practice law in both the State of Florida and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. He has also written a published reference legal treatise which is available in most law libraries in the Commonwealth. As a part time lecturer at a local college in Philadelphia and frequent lecturer he has a broad spectrum of expertise. 


      COSTS AND FEES.  For a detailed explanation of costs and fees see the web page entitled “Fees and Costs”.  Basically the charge is an hourly rate for time expended at the mediation.  Except in very complex matters no preparation time is charged for reviewing the court file or submissions prior to mediation.  There are no costs or charges for travel, photocopies etc...   Mathieu Mediations is sensitive to the fact that clients and/or party's to the mediation have a good feel for the potential fees attendant thereto.


     SCHEDULING.  To schedule a mediation, the web page entitled "Calendar" should be reviewed.  Basically, available dates and times are set forth on the scheduling web page.  A request to schedule can be made by email or phone.  Once the date and time are agreed upon Mathieu Mediations will send out confirming emails, notices and/or letters. 


   CONFIDENTIALITY.  All matters discussed at mediation are kept confidential.  This is not only the law but promotes openness and frankness. 

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