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Mediation costs and fees

     Costs:  Mathieu Mediations does not charge for anything but the time spent at the mediation.  No costs or fees are charged for reviewing files or materials submitted prior to the mediation.  

                There are no charges for travel, phone calls etc...  It is important to Mathieu Mediations that participants in the mediation can rely upon the financial commitment to the process and know what to expect in terms of a bill.


     Fees:  Call us for hourly rates or per diem fees.  Fees are due and payble at the conclusion of the mediation.  An invoice will be provided at the conclusion of the mediation. The invoice will be provided to all party's and counsel.  If counsel is advancing the fee, payment may be made later. Generally the mediation fee is divided equally between all party's. Fees are charged in fifteen minute increments.       
       Please do not be hesitant to discuss any fee issue with us at any time. Needless to say, fees are due whether the matter is resolved or an impasse reached.


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