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1.    Please either review the calendar set forth above (which is updated daily) to determine availability and then contact us contact us by phone. 727-844-5000 or at
2.    Once a date has been agreed upon please provide this office will all contact and party information.
3.    We like to schedule mediations either for a full or half day, beginning at either 9:00 A.M or 1:30 P M. Monday through Friday.  We can accommodate for evening and/or weekends if a special need arises.  If a morning mediation is scheduled it will have to conclude (or be adjourned to another date) if an afternoon mediation is pending. Usually this will not occur
4.    If you have any knowledge of any special needs of the parties or participants please let us know as soon as possible so we can determine if special accommodations can be obtained.
5.    Although all mediations can be held here in our Port Richey, Pasco County office usually one of the parties or participants would prefer that it be held at another location.  This is not a problem, please just let us know where the agreed upon mediation is to be held.



Pre Mediation Submissions 


     Although not required, pre mediation submisions are recommended. This is information about the case, pertinent documents or other information which may be helpful for a better understding of the issues or disputes. A formal pre mediation subimssion, such as s written statement of the facts, issues, conclusions, arguments etc. are helpful it is not formally requierd.  It is always preferred to discuss such issues pripr to the mediation with James Mathieu Esq.


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